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Participants of the Transition Support Pilot experience health and wellbeing benefits

16 August 2022

A 12-month transition support pilot provided to 50 injured workers exiting the Victorian Workers’ Compensation system has shown benefits to the health and wellbeing for participants.

The pilot, commissioned by the Collaborative Partnership to improve work participation, involved a Transition Specialist identifying and providing relevant support services to build participants’ confidence, independence, and job readiness.

An independent evaluation by Monash University has highlighted the potential impact of a short-term, tailored service at the conclusion of workers’ compensation benefits.

After participating in the pilot:

  • 48% of participants reported a positive change to their general physical health.
  • 48% of participants reported a positive change to their general mental health.
  • 58% of participants reported a positive change to general self-efficacy.

The EML-led research highlights that people who have experienced long term unemployment have the potential to return to work and that receiving services including counselling, financial assistance, and family support can help improve and enable their employability pathways.

Key findings tell us that the timing of the service was important and differed depending on individuals’ circumstances. Significant financial difficulties were reported, for some this included being unable to pay rent, buy food and pay for medical care.

Findings also highlighted the desire by almost all participants to be working, not just for financial benefits but for the purpose that employment brings.

For more information about the research visit to the Collaborative Partnership website to read the full report (PDF, 724.4 KB) or study snapshot. (PDF, 261.1 KB) You can also subscribe to Collaborative Partnership newsletter mailing list.

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