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Injury management advisory service

For: Employers and managers

Comcare's Injury Management Team assists rehabilitation case managers, supervisors, workplace rehabilitation providers and employees with workers' compensation claims.

Purpose of the injury management team

The Injury Management Team operates to:

  • help return employees safely back to work following an injury or illness
  • improve return to work rates
  • build skill and knowledge about managing injury
  • develop ways of improving rehabilitation and early intervention.

Who can access assistance?

The Injury Management Team assists organisations in the Comcare scheme.

Support is provided to:

  • employers who are responsible for the rehabilitation of employees
  • others involved in the rehabilitation of an injured or ill employee.

Advice offered

Injury managers can:

  • develop approaches to help injured or ill employees return to health and to work
  • help recognise and promote rehabilitation and injury management practices that support employees to return to health and to work
  • participate in case conferences to better manage rehabilitation in complex claims
  • deliver education sessions to improve the knowledge and capability of rehabilitation case managers
  • identify potential high-risk claims and help create strategies to ensure rehabilitation is managed well
  • help with questions or issues about rehabilitation and return to work.

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