This Workplace Rehabilitation Framework provides a common set of objectives for the scheme and demonstrates the links between Comcare’s functions as an insurer, scheme manager and regulator. The framework includes:

  • measures for scheme performance in rehabilitation and return to work
  • links to legislative instruments, scheme and regulatory policy and better practice guidance
  • definitions of common terms and workplace rehabilitation roles to support a common understanding and language on rehabilitation and return to work

Scheme objective: A national scheme that is sustainable and better practice.

Return to work objectives

  • early and durable recovery at and return to work
  • scheme participants understand and perform their return to work roles and obligations
  • focus on capacity to work and the health benefits of work

Performance measures for rehabilitation


Develop and maintain legislative, policy and guidance that:

  • Sets clear expectations of roles and obligations
  • Promotes better practice
  • Creates effective return to work practices and outcomes as evidenced through monitoring and evaluation.

Scheme participants


  • Provide advice, information, education and training regarding compliance with the legislation.
  • Manage Workplace Rehabilitation Provider approvals and renewals.
  • Monitor compliance of Rehabilitation Authorities and Workplace Rehabilitation Providers.
  • Take corrective action in accordance with regulatory policy.


Regulatory practice