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Reporting fraud

The Comcare Scheme provides rehabilitation and workers’ compensation for Australian Government employees and for employees of organisations who self-insure under the scheme. Comcare is responsible for making determinations regarding compensation under the scheme for Australian Government employees.

One of the ways we can ensure a fair and equitable workers’ compensation scheme and that funds are used for their intended purpose is to receive information from the public about any suspected fraud. If you suspect someone is committing fraud against the workers compensation scheme, you should report it.

Before contacting Comcare to report suspected fraud, please take the time to consider the following.

Does your information concern fraud against or by:

  • Comcare by its workers or service providers
  • an Australian or ACT Government employee claiming workers’ compensation through Comcare
  • a service provider for an employee receiving workers’ compensation through Comcare?

If ’yes’ to any of the above, phone or email Assurance, Risk and Fraud using the details listed below, or complete the online form.

Does your information refer to an employee of a state or Northern Territory Government?

If yes, refer to the relevant state workers’ compensation authority, listed below.

WorkCover Queensland 1300 362 128
SafeWork NSW 131 050
State Insurance Regulatory Authority - SIRA (NSW) 1300 137 131
Insurance and Care NSW (icare) 13 44 22
Worksafe ACT 13 22 81
WorkSafe Victoria 1800 136 089
Worksafe Tasmania 03 6166 4600
SafeWork SA 1300 365 255
WorkSafe WA 1300 307 877
NT WorkSafe 1800 250 713

Does your information relate to benefits provided through Centrelink, Medicare or for child support, as opposed to matters of compensation for workplace injury?

If yes, refer to the Department of Human Services’ Fraud Tip-Off Line at 131 524 or fill out their online forms.

Does your information refer to a scam?

If yes, refer to SCAMwatch at the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) or phone 1300 795 995

How can you refer fraud to Comcare?

If you have any information that may help us deal with fraud against the Comcare rehabilitation and compensation scheme or against Comcare as a statutory corporation, you can:

What will Comcare do with your referral?

If you contact Comcare regarding an allegation of fraud, Assurance, Risk and Fraud will assess the information received and decide if an investigation or other action is needed. If you provide your contact details, Comcare will acknowledge your submission and may contact you for further information.

Comcare is unable to advise you of the actions it undertakes as a result of the information you provide. This is due to the secrecy provisions in the laws Comcare is bound by including the Privacy Act 1988.

During an investigation, evidence will be collected with a view to determining if a prosecution is warranted. If an investigation does not proceed to prosecution, the matter may be finalised through other means including administrative action affecting entitlements and civil action.

Page last updated: 29 Jul 2019