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Application guidelines

For: Information seekers

We welcome applications from people who share our values and vision.

We work to encourage a more inclusive and supportive workplace and value the diverse experiences, backgrounds and contributions of our employees.

Preparing your application

Understand the role

Before you apply for a vacant position in Comcare, check the eligibility and application requirements. You should also explore our website for more information about our agency.

Speak to the contact officer if you need to learn more about the role.

If you are not familiar with applying for a position in the Australian Public Service, a useful resource is the Cracking the Code: How to apply for jobs in the Australian Public Service.

Write a Statement of Claims

The selection criteria and job specific capabilities describe the skills, knowledge, qualifications and experience required in the role.

Your Statement of Claims is your chance to show your skill and experience and is the key factor we use to determine whether your application is short-listed.

It is important that you show how you will be of value to the role and to Comcare.

Make sure you address each selection criterion or job specific capability and provide evidence of your suitability. Do not simply state that you meet the requirements. Provide examples from your current or past roles which show how you meet the criterion or capability.

We recommend using the STAR Approach when addressing the selection criteria or job specific capability. This is a way of presenting information.

For each criteria or capability think about the following and use these points to form sentences in your Statement of Claims

  • Situation – Set the context by describing the circumstance where you used the skills or qualities and gained the experience.
  • Task – What your role was.
  • Approach – What you did and how you did it.
  • Result – What you achieved, the end result and how it relates to the job you are applying for.

Resume and qualifications

We are interested in your employment history, relevant qualifications and training.

For some roles we need evidence of your formal qualifications, such as your Degree.

Eligibility to work at Comcare

Australian citizenship

Australian citizenship is required for employment with Comcare.

Under the Public Service Act 1999, an APS agency must not employ a person who is not an Australian citizen, unless it is considered appropriate to do so.

A waiver is possible in exceptional circumstances where:

  • it is essential for the efficiency and effectiveness of Comcare’s operations
  • non-citizens are in the process of obtaining Australian citizenship.

Essential formal qualifications

If your position requires you to have a formal qualification, you will need to provide proof of your academic or professional qualifications.

Any claim you make about your academic or professional qualifications must be true and be capable of being verified with the relevant institution.

Security and character clearance

Your employment is subject to you satisfying the CEO (or delegate) of your suitability as a fit and proper person for engagement as an APS employee and to perform your specific duties.

This will be assessed through a police check and other character checks as appropriate.

Other security clearances

If you are selected for a ‘Designated Security Assessment Position’ or a ‘Position of Trust’ you are required to undergo and must be granted a security clearance.

Health assessment

It is a condition of your employment that you meet certain medical requirements.

A health assessment is conducted to ensure you have the physical and mental capacity to meet the requirements of the position and to identify any adjustments that may need to be made in the workplace.

The assessment is conducted by a health professional of Comcare’s choice.

Redundancy from an APS agency

If you have received a redundancy benefit from an APS agency or from the Australian Parliamentary Service, you may be subject to an exclusion period before you can be engaged as an ongoing employee.

The Australian Public Service Commission provides more information on redundancy benefits and re-engagement.


If you are successful, your employment may be subject to a six-month probation.

Submit your application

Sign in and submit your application

Submit your application by the closing date and time as shown for the advertised position.

Sign in and apply for a position

To apply for a vacant position at Comcare, you first need to register with our eRecruitment system using your email address. You can then sign in and apply for the role.

When you are signed in you can see the status of your application.

In the application form:

  • include your personal information which provides us with vital eligibility, referee and contact details
  • indicate if you need assistance during the interview and selection process
  • upload your Statement of Claims, addressing the selection criteria or job specific capabilities, and your resume outlining your work history and relevant qualifications.

You can ‘save and close’ your application at any time and it will not be considered unless you ‘submit’.

You cannot submit your application if you have missed answering a mandatory question.

Your documents will need to be in PDF, DOCX or RTF format.

Recall or withdraw an application

Once you have submitted your application, you:

  • may recall and edit the application up until the closing date. Make sure you submit it again.
  • can withdraw your application.  If you do withdraw, you are unable to reapply for the same position.

Late applications

To be considered, your application must be submitted by the closing date and time as shown for the advertised position.

Late applications are not accepted unless you have prior agreement from the contact officer.

Access to your application

The recruitment team, selection committee, or a recruitment agency assisting with the selection process can access your application.

Your application authorises Comcare to provide your information to a third party for the purposes of assisting us in assessing your suitability for the position.

What happens after you apply

We will contact you if you progress to the next stage. We will also let you know by email if your application was not successful.

For more information, see the interview and selection process.

Equity and diversity

We are committed to providing an environment that values diversity and supports employees to reach their full potential.

We encourage applications from people with diverse experiences and backgrounds, and welcome applications from:

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
  • people with a disability
  • people from a culturally and linguistically diverse background
  • mature-age people.

In your application, indicate if you require any arrangements to be made for your assessment and a member of the Selection Committee will contact you.

If you require support or special arrangements to apply for a position:

Find out more about our commitment to diversity and programs, visit Our diversity program.

More information

If you have a question about a role or need specific information about your eligibility for Comcare employment opportunities, call us on 1300 366 979 and ask for a member of the recruitment team or email

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