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What we offer

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By joining Comcare, you will enjoy the benefits of being part of a culture which is focused on making a positive impact on the health and safety of Australians.

We demonstrate our dedication to your well-being through flexible working arrangements, work-life balance, and pathways to career growth.

Benefits of working with us

Hand with Australia map and heart  We care about making an impact.

Make a meaningful contribution to the health and safety of workers nationwide. Our experienced workforce are pioneers of safe work initiatives, including strategies to address psychosocial hazards.
Figure near leaves  We care about you.

We value flexibility and diversity. We celebrate our inclusive workplace and provide leave for community volunteer work or activities related to employees' cultural background.
Hands together  We care about each other.

We role model a culture founded on respect and inclusion. Our commitment to safety is reflected in policies that prioritise employee well-being. We recognise your individual needs and provide adaptable work arrangements to foster work-life balance.
Figures with book open  We care about growing your career.

We champion a culture of development, offering on-the-job training, support for studies, and a year-round calendar of professionally facilitated courses. We foster an environment for you to achieve career goals.
Shaking hands  We care about recognising your contribution.

We recognise and reward your contribution and commitments to outstanding work. You will experience great working conditions including competitive salaries with 15.4% superannuation, generous leave conditions, modern amenities, and flexible working arrangements.

Case studies

Employees tell us what it's like to work at Comcare.

Ben's journey at Comcare

“I find that working here at Comcare, we have a fantastic team environment. I can go to anybody in the organisation and get an answer from them – I find it a really friendly environment.”
-Ben (Claims Manager)

Meet Ben, a senior claims manager at Comcare. Ben's role involves determining claims by analysing information and collaborating with internal and external stakeholders to facilitate clients' progress. With a background in finance and counterterrorism, Ben transitioned to the public service seeking a rewarding opportunity to help people.

Joining Comcare nearly two years ago as an admin support officer, Ben's dedication and communication skills helped propel him to his current leadership position.

For individuals seeking a role where they can make a meaningful impact and grow within a supportive team, Comcare offers a dynamic and fulfilling career pathway.

Sarah's journey at Comcare

“I would really recommend [working at Comcare]. I would say the Graduate Program is a great way to start in the APS. You get so much training and support [along with] access across the organisation to executives.”
-Sarah (Self Insurance Team)

Drawn to the agency's purpose of promoting safe and healthy work environments, Sarah found herself immersed in a network of like-minded professionals dedicated to supporting worker wellbeing.

Through rotations in finance, data research, program delivery, and stakeholder engagement, she gained a comprehensive understanding of Comcare’s operations.

A structured training program and mentorship opportunities provided Sarah with a solid foundation for her career development.

Sarah's journey at Comcare exemplifies the value of professional growth, collaboration, and a supportive workplace culture along with the potential for personal and professional development within a caring and inclusive environment.

Dave's journey at Comcare

“Before I came to Comcare, my previous manager had heard good things about Comcare’s culture and as a workplace, so I was already hopeful before I came and certainly, I think it's a very positive workplace.”
-Dave (Return to Work Support)

With a background in injury management and a passion for helping individuals get back to work, Dave plays a crucial role in the Claims group at Comcare. His expertise as an exercise physiologist and workplace rehabilitation provider has been instrumental in helping employees returning to work.

Since joining Comcare, Dave has found a supportive and positive workplace culture that resonates with his own values. By transitioning from a clinical role to a leadership position within the claims management group, Dave has been able to leverage his expertise and skills to make a meaningful impact. Comcare's emphasis on career growth and development has provided Dave with opportunities to progress and excel, leading to his promotion to the EL1 level.

His journey serves as a testament to the rewarding career opportunities available within Comcare, particularly for allied health professionals looking to make a difference.

What our staff think

Every year Comcare participates in the Australian Public Service (APS) Employee Census.

The census is confidential and collects opinions and attitudes from employees across the APS. It’s a great way to help us understand how our employees perceive working at Comcare, and how their perceptions compare with those of employees at other APS agencies.

As an employer, Comcare continues to receive strong results across these 6 indexes:

  1. Employee engagement
  2. Leadership – immediate supervisor
  3. Leadership – SES Managers
  4. Communication and change
  5. Enabling innovation
  6. Wellbeing policies and support

Take a look at our results to see what our employees think:

How we aim to continuously improve

At Comcare we continually strive to be an employer of choice. To help us achieve more for our employees, with their input we’ve developed an action plan to further improve on our strong census results and increase our employee value proposition:

Our employment conditions

Employees of Comcare are engaged under the Public Service Act 1999.

Employees of Comcare must uphold the Australian Public Service (APS) values, employment principles and the Code of Conduct.

Conditions of service are set out in the Comcare Enterprise Agreement 2024-2027:

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