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Requests for information under FOI

Documents relating to your claim

Please note that under section 59 of the Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1988 (SRC Act), you can request a copy of your compensation file. For more information regarding s59 please refer to the page “How do I request a copy of my claim file.”

All other documents held by Comcare

Before making a formal request for information under the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (the FOI Act) to Comcare, you should browse our Information Publication Scheme to see if the information is already available there.

For access to any other document held by Comcare, you will need to make a valid FOI request.

For your request to be valid under the FOI Act, it must:

  • be in writing
  • state that the request is an application for the purposes of the FOI Act
  • provide information concerning the document as is reasonably necessary to enable Comcare to identify it
  • give details of how notices under the FOI Act may be sent to you (for example by providing an electronic address to which notices may be sent by electronic communication)

Please send your request to Comcare by:

  • post – addressed to: Comcare FOI Team, Comcare, GPO Box 9905, Canberra ACT 2601 or
  • email to

Amendment of personal records

The FOI Act provides for the amendment of personal information if that information is incorrect, incomplete, out of date or misleading. Please contact the Comcare FOI Team if you would like to request amendment to your personal information.


There is no charge for making an application for access to documents or for amendment to your personal information. Please note Comcare's FOI policy is changing to introduce charges, for non-personal information, as of Monday 16 November 2015. For further information please contact

There is no application fee for a request.

Comcare will provide applicants with an estimate of charges, which is realistic and as accurate as possible.

Estimated charges will be based on the preliminary assessment of two elements:

  1. work already undertaken by Comcare, for example, in search and retrieval of documents; and
  2. an estimated cost for work still to be done (reg 9).

The estimate based on work still to be done can relate to any item listed in the charges table. For example:

  • a charge for further action that may be required to make a decision whether to grant access, including examination of documents, preparing a schedule of documents, marking pages for redaction, and consultation with affected third parties;
  • a charge for providing access, including photocopying and postage; and
  • a charge for providing access by agency-supervised inspection, hearing or viewing of documents.

The most common charges are:

Charges listed in Schedule to the Charges Regulations
Activity item Charge Schedule
Search and retrieval: time spent searching for or retrieving a document $15.00 per hour Part I, Item 2
Decision making: time spent in deciding to grant or refuse a request, including examining documents, consulting with other parties, making deletions or notifying any interim or final decision on the request First five hours: Nil Subsequent hours: $20 per hour Part I, Item 5
Electronic production: retrieving and collating information stored on a computer or on like equipment Actual cost incurred in producing the copy Part I, Item 3 Part II, Items 4, 4A, 6
Transcript: preparing a transcript from a sound recording, shorthand or similar medium $4.40 per page of transcript Part I, Item 4 Part II, Item 7
Photocopy: a photocopy of a written document $0.10 per page Part II, Item 2
Other copies: a copy of a written document other than a photocopy $4.40 per page Part II, Item 3
Replay: replaying a sound or film tape Actual cost incurred in replaying Part II, Item 5
Inspection: supervision by an agency officer of an applicant's inspection of documents or hearing or viewing an audio or visual recording $6.25 per half hour (or part thereof) Part II, Item 1
Delivery: posting or delivering a copy of a document at the applicant's request Cost of postage or delivery Part II, Item 8
Page last updated: 19 Jun 2019