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Freedom of information disclosure log

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As an Australian Government agency, Comcare must publish certain information about freedom of information requests in a disclosure log.

The disclosure log explained

We must publish information about freedom of information requests within 10 working days of the applicant receiving access to the document, in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (FOI Act).

The disclosure log does not include:

  • personal information about a person, if publication of that information is unreasonable
  • information about the business, commercial, financial or professional affairs of a person, if publication of that information would be unreasonable
  • other information covered by a determination of the Australian Information Commissioner, if publication of that information would be unreasonable
  • information that is not reasonably practical to publish because we need to make extensive modifications to delete information we cannot publish
  • information removed under section 22(1)(a)(ii) of the FOI Act as it is outside the scope of the request.

We remove and archive items in the disclosure log 12 months after they are published, unless a listing has long-term public value.

Disclosure log list

Contact us if you would like a copy of the document in the list released:

  • email
  • call us on 1300 366 979
  • write to the FOI requests, Comcare, GPO Box 9905, Canberra ACT 2601.
FOI referenceDate of releaseSummary of request
2024/804 29 April 2024 Comcare’s submissions to the then, Department of Employment, Education and Workplace Relations on the recommendations in the Hanks Review and the development of the Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Amendment (Improving the Comcare Scheme) Bill 2015. (PDF, 3.3 MB)
2024/3132 15 February 2024 Comcare’s Pricing Evaluation Report for RFT 23CPU040 (PDF, 2.0 MB)
2023/2881 27 November 2023 Investigation Report and Verification Inspection Report into allegations of bullying and harassment of officer cadets at the Sydney University Regiment, Holsworthy Army Barracks (PDF, 1.2 MB).
2023/2576; 2023/2577 27 September 2023 Position description for Senior Injury Manager (‘Psychological Injury Manager’) and Assistant Director, Claims (PDF, 512.6 KB)
2023/2136 30 August 2023 Claims Manual – Information regarding Rehabilitation Programs (for entire Claims Manual, please go to Information Publication Scheme
2023/2067 23 August 2023 Claims Manual (for entire Claims Manual, please go to Information Publication Scheme)
2023/704 11 April 2023 Number of current ATO psychological cases with Comcare, Number of such cases with Gallagher Bassett, Number of ‘long tail’ cases in both categories & Guidelines for Comcare referrals to Gallagher Bassett (PDF, 798.6 KB)
2023/159 15 March 2023 WHS Incident notification and Inspector Report for DEWR building incident in August 2022 (PDF, 1.2 MB)


02 February 2023

Reason for Decision – IR 02/2022-23 (PDF, 319.4 KB)


25 January 2023

Investigation Report – Sinking of the ‘Red Rain’ (PDF, 19.0 MB)

Some documents requested through FOI may not be in an accessible format, while others may be too large to publish on our website. Please refer to our accessibility statement for more information.

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