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Employers - working with rehabilitation providers

The employer is responsible for engaging an approved workplace rehabilitation provider (WRP), although this is usually delegated to the case manager.

Selecting a rehabilitation provider

Use the Directory of approved workplace rehabilitation providers to find a WRP with the appropriate expertise who works in an area that is near the injured employee and convenient for them to visit.

The role of a rehabilitation provider

It is important employers know the level of service and professional assistance to expect from WRPs to make sure return to work outcomes are successful.

Employers need to be familiar with Comcare's WRP approval process, criteria and operational standards and ongoing assessment methods.

For more information please refer to:

Managing a rehabilitation provider

Employers and WRPs should negotiate performance issues taking into account Comcare's criteria and operational standards for rehabilitation providers.

Where necessary and appropriate, employers should engage providers under the terms of their normal contracts for services.

Any complaints about provider performance can be reported to Comcare on 1300 366 979.

Page last updated: 20 Aug 2019