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Comcare webinars

Our webinars are presented by workplace health and safety experts and guest speakers to help promote and enable safe and healthy work across Comcare’s scheme.

Building a culture of respect: Workplace sexual harassment – never part of the job

Comcare hosted the ‘Building a culture of respect: Workplace sexual harassment – never part of the job’ webinar on 18 August 2021, with discussion on how sexual harassment can occur in the workplace, prevention strategies and ways to manage the risk of workplace sexual harassment.

Watch the webinar recording or read the video transcript to hear our presenters’ responses to the many questions our audience asked during the webinar.

For questions relating to regulatory and practical guidance to help employers, managers and supervisors and workers prevent and respond to workplace sexual harassment and comply with their duties under the WHS Act, please refer to Comcare’s guidance:

For further information regarding education products focused on the prevention, management and reporting of workplace sexual harassment, access Comcare’s training via our learning management system called Comcare LMS.


Micro Learns – 5-minute video presentations

Online courses – self paced learning

Read more about Comcare’s workplace sexual harassment guidance.

For more information about sexual harassment:

National Safe Work Month 2020 webinars

National Safe Work Month is an annual initiative led initiative by Safe Work Australia every October.

Comcare hosted a series of webinars as part of our Safe Work Month activities to support 2020’s theme: Work Health and Safety through COVID-19.

COVID-19, our work, mental health and wellbeing

Co-presented by Comcare, Beyond Blue and Future of Work Institute on 14 October 2020. This webinar explored some of the impacts of COVID-19 on the nature of our work, mental health and wellbeing.

Watch the webinar

Comcare webinar: COVID-19, our work, mental health and wellbeing from Comcare on Vimeo.



Beyond Blue

Future of Work Institute

Accelerated workplace change in the face of COVID-19

Co-presented by Comcare and Safe Work Australia on 8 October 2020, this webinar explored the rapid and large-scale changes that workplaces of different sizes and across various industries have undertaken in the face of COVID-19.

Watch the webinar

Comcare webinar: Accelerated workplace change in the face of COVID-19 from Comcare on Vimeo.

Comcare presented this webinar on 30 July 2020 with Sue Weston, CEO Comcare, who opened the webinar, Justin Napier, General Manager Regulatory Operations Group and Natalie Bekis, General Manager Strategic Partnerships and Engagement.

Watch the webinar

Comcare Webinar: Navigating a new normal - 30 July 2020 from Comcare on Vimeo.

Questions and answers from the webinar

Some questions and answers are related to advice around COVID-19. The answers are based on guidance as of 4 August 2020. Please refer to your State or Territory Government for the latest guidance and information.

We are continuing to review the questions we received during the webinar and will add additional responses.

Q. Is Comcare’s COVID-19 e-learning program relevant to all staff or is it more targeted to HR areas?

Comcare’s COVID-19 eLearning is applicable for all workers.

Q Is physical distancing a legal requirement in the office, or is it just something that should be done if it is possible?

No, physical distancing is not a legal requirement.

The current health advice requires everyone, including people at workplaces, to implement physical distancing measures wherever possible as it will reduce the likelihood of exposure, and slow the spread of, COVID-19.

Q. Where staff and or the person conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU) is encouraging the shared used of desks and workstations, how does this reflect previous advice that hot desking should be avoided?

Many workplaces have moved to an environment where the sharing of desks (hot desking) and IT equipment, such as keyboards, mice and headsets are standard practice.

This practice should be avoided where possible. Where it is not practicable, employers should provide workers with:

  • disposable disinfectant wipes to enable them to clean these shared items on a regular basis
  • rubbish bins to dispose of the disinfectant wipes appropriately.

Workers will need to be made aware that where they share items in the workplace, it is their responsibility to ensure that they clean each item regularly.

Safe Work Australia has published guidance on hot desking and activity-based working arrangements.

Our practical guide for call centres (PDF, 515.6 KB) also has some practical tips on cleaning and hygiene.

Q. How do we manage psychosocial risks effectively? The existing risk matrix is great for physical risks, but it does not seem to fit well for these types of risks.

Safe Work Australia has released guidance on how to managing work-related psychological health and safety.

We have information on psychosocial hazards on our website.

Q. Given shared WHS responsibility with working from home, who is responsible for the purchase of ergonomic equipment?, for example a worker using a kitchen table instead of a desk.

Under the WHS laws, employers have a duty of care for the health and safety of workers and others at the workplace. This includes working from home arrangements. Workers also have a duty to take care of their own health and safety which includes while working from home.

Employers’ duties extend to workers who work from home or remotely, and must take steps to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health and safety of their workers.

The employer must identify and manage any risks to workers working from home. Undertaking a risk assessment will assist employers to determine what is reasonably required to keep workers safe.

Our Working from Home checklist (PDF, 807.3 KB) provides employers and workers with minimal guidance and measures on how they can meet their respective work health and safety obligations.

We also have more guidance on working from home or remotely on our coronavirus page.

Q. What challenges do you see with health and safety representatives (HSRs) engaging with employers and employees with large portions of workforces working remotely?

HSR duties remain the same, whether they are working from home, or working in the physical workplace. They should use the different communication channels available to them to fulfil their duties. This can include using email and phone, like they would have in the physical workplace.

For practical tips to overcome the challenges of working from home, see our:

Q. Are nursing homes regulated under Comcare?

No, Comcare does not regulate nursing homes

Q. Given the new requirements regarding masks, should the person conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU) be providing masks to workers travelling to or from work, and when travelling for work or is this a personal cost?

In areas where community transmission of COVID-19 is occurring, workers may be required to wear a face mask and in some regions this may be mandatory.

See more information on face masks in the workplace.


During the webinar, we mentioned some health and wellbeing and COVID-19 resources you can access.

For a full list of resources, visit our COVID-19 web page and Safe Work Australia website.

Comcare e-guidance module

Managing work health safety risks related to COVID-19 module is available through Comcare's learning management system called Comcare LMS. You first need to create an account in Comcare LMS (see the steps to create an account). Then select the module link and login with your email and password.

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