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Enabling healthy and safe workplaces - Research theme

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This research looks at developing skills and knowledge to understand new and existing risks of physical and psychosocial hazards in the modern workplace.

Why this research is important

Our workplaces are changing and this introduces new risks alongside opportunities for innovative ways to prevent harm and minimise the impact of injury and illness.

In 2017-18, Australia saw more than 100,000 serious claims for compensation, where an illness or injury required more than a week off from work. In 2012-13, the financial cost of injury and illness compensation was $61.8 billion.

This research is important because it helps us to prevent harm in our workplaces and learn new and improved ways to keep employees healthy and safe at work.

Research projects

Lead indicators mentoring program

This research project is helping employers to evaluate the psychosocial safety climate of their workplaces. It also supports employers to use lead and lag indicators for work health and safety.

Learn more about this project

Reduce workplace sitting trial

This collaborative research project is a national trial of an evidence-informed intervention to reduce workplace sitting.

Learn more about this project

Improving the health of Australian truck drivers

This research project is a collaboration across government, academia and industry to improve the physical and mental health of Australian truck drivers, by developing evidence-based interventions.

Learn more about this project

Page last reviewed: 15 December 2019
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Date printed 09 Aug 2020